Find below some FAQ'S.

1 - How much does it cost?

All hand painted splashbacks are unique pieces and priced on an individual basis. Please contact me and I can discuss your requirement and give you a written quotation.

An indicative price for one of my splashbacks, 600mm x 600mm, will be approximately £450 depending on the design and style.


2- Can splashbacks be made to any size?

Yes, the glass is cut to fit the area and size that the client requires.

3- How long does it take?

This depends on the design and consultation process. Each splashback is unique so no two are the same. The splashbacks are produced using many layers of colour and techniques to create the final piece. As an indication, after a sample has been approved, an average splashback takes approximately 4 weeks.

4- How are the splashbacks fitted?

They can be secured with adhesive or fitted with fixings. Guidelines can be supplied.

5- How are the splashbacks made?

Many layers of specialist paint and effects are merged to create a unique product. The final layers seal the reverse side.

6- I love the splashbacks but do not know what I want!

I like to discuss the project with the kitchen designers or private clients to assess  requirements and expectations. After agreeing on design style and colour palettes I can produce a sample for customer approval.

7- What area do you work in?

Currently I work in East Anglia covering Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, however I am happy to discuss projects further afield.

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